We've had more than our fair share of slow booking spells....
We should actually call them “No Booking” spells because at one point, we had 6 months without even ONE booking. And we’re EDUCATORS?! I freaked out and literally acted like my entire career was going down the drain…. my poor husband. I was a mess, but then I pulled myself out of my pity party and just like always, our marketing system fixed the issue.

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The KJ Marketing Jumpstart Is For Wedding Photographers Who:
  • Are tired of broken promises from paid online advertising sites 
  •  Are done wasting money on bridal shows and print ads
  •  Desire to market in a way that will catch the attention of their dream couples
  •  Long to raise their prices to create a sustainable income
  •  Want to market in a new way that doesn't involve shelling out their hard earned profit and then crossing their fingers
  •  Would love to focus more on photography than marketing strategies
  •  Have a passion for people but are burnt out from spending their time just thinking about the bottom line
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