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  • MONTHLY EDUCATIONAL CONTENT in the form of Behind the Scenes videos from our recent weddings and shoots!! 
  • 1-2 HOURS OF VIDEO FOOTAGE delivered monthly!
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  • MONTHLY HIGHLIGHT PDF'S viewers to instantly jump to each video's most influential and teachable moments throughout the wedding day or session!
  • ACCESS TO THE KJ EDUCATION COMMUNITY GROUP! This is one of our most active, engaging and encouraging communities!  
  • -EXCLUSIVE BEHIND THE SCENES VIEWS of how I handle the less then ideal wedding day and portrait situations as they arise! 
  • WATCH FIRST HAND how I create and maintain healthy, professional relationships with clients, their families and vendors!
  • GAIN EXPOSURE to how I handle crazy bridal parties, stressful timelines, bad lighting, unpredictable weather situations, and more!  
  • EDITING DEMO now included in each monthly episode!
  • EXCLUSIVE MEMBER DISCOUNTS your membership can essentially be FREE with these savings!! (learn more below)
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