- Because you have a life to live outside of your inbox -
Does your inbox seem to consume your 
office hours?! 
I used to think to myself... "I could ACTUALLY get all of my editing done if I COULD ELIMINATE ANSWERING EMAILS FROM MY TO-DO LIST!" Well, the reality is, you're always going to have emails! But the truth is, 80% of your emails could be templates!!

 This is SAD... but I know for a FACT that there are TONS of photographers who WASTE WAY TOO MUCH TIME responding to potential clients and trying to perfectly word every line of EVERY email!!! And then heaven forbid they receive what I like to call a "sticky situation" email in the inbox and it takes DAYS to figure out how to craft a well-thought out response!

No WONDER you're a slave to your inbox!!! Well... I have good news! You need HELP! And I'm going to give it to you! 

I'm so excited to share 15 Email Templates with you AND as a BONUS, the brand new Sticky Situations Solutions Guide!!  
Tired of emails monopolizing ALL of your 
time and energy?! 
I've been there, so I'm here to help!
Here's what I'm giving you....
I have 15 Email Templates that save me HOURS of work each week when it comes to communicating with BRIDES, PARENTS and VENDORS and I'm making them available to you!! INCLUDING our coveted "Initial Inquiry Email Template" and our "Engagement Prep Template"!!

Not only am I giving you my email responses, but I'm ALSO including a "Sticky Situations Solutions Guide" that will show you how I carefully craft my responses to 10 stressful situations that arise as a wedding photographer! In a matter of MINUTES, you could be cutting your workload down by HOURS!! 
Her Story Could be YOUR Story!
"Thank you SO much for sharing your email templates! It's not uncommon for me to get the usual "Are you available on...., What are your prices?" kind of emails. I would always respond but I would never hear back. This week I had a bride contact me with the same type of email. I used the initial wedding inquiry template and she answered all of the questions right away and by the end of night she booked me!!!"  -Chelsea
- Engagement Session Prep

- Full Gallery Wedding

- Initial Wedding Inquiry

- I'm Booked 

- Pre-Wedding Bride & Groom Questionnaire Email
- Your Blog Post is LIVE!

- Couples With Pinterest Board Ideas

- Vendor Blog Post + Gallery

- We're Officially Official! 

- Telling a client that they aren't the best fit for you

- Sample Timelines & Tips

- Not Enough Portrait Time Scheduled

- You're featured & next steps!

- Album Process & Instructions

- Why Do A First Look
- The Couple doesn't want a First Look, yet expects magic to happen!

- The Couple has a CRAZY shot list & requests for photo recreations!

- The Client requests HEAVY retouching on a ton of images! And/or to edit outside of your style!

- The Couple has a relative who wants to "take a few photos" too!

- The Church has strict rules & a hard-to-work-with church lady!

- The Couple is requesting portraits in locations with poor lighting

- The Mother-of-the-Bride is over-stepping!

- The Couple isn't interested in doing an engagement session!

- The Couple doesn't want their images shared on social media!

- The Couple wants you to photograph a million family formals in 30 minutes!

"Oh my gosh! Just the Engagement Prep Email is worth so much! This is such a time saver & so valuable!  Thank you KJ!" 
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