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If you dig into all course modules of content within 30 days or enrolling, work through the workbook, and still feel like there’s no way you can apply this education to your photography business, I’ll buy the course back from you. 
Here's What You'll Get: 
  • - 10+HOURS OF EXCLUSIVE EDUCATIONAL TRAINING that gives you access to the tools I have used for nearly a decade in business
  • - 6 DIFFERENT REAL DEMOS THAT TAKE YOU BEHIND THE SCENES, this isn't just a bunch of slides, these are real-life, real-location examples
  • - 1 REAL WEDDING DAY COVERAGE, watch me find great lighting and great locations in the midst of real wedding day stress
  • - ACCESS TO MY 3 STEP SYSTEM, on discerning what's a good location & lighting scenario and what isn't
  • - LEARN MY #1 NATURAL LIGHT SECRET, that has been giving me bright, crisp and properly exposed images for 8+ years of shooting
  • - LEARN HOW TO AVOID HOT SPOTS, COLOR CASTS ON SKIN, AND DULL, FLAT IMAGES that leave you feeling frustrated and defeated when it's time to edit
  • - HEAR HOW I CONSISTENTLY BALANCE FOREGROUND AND BACKGROUND EXPOSURE to maintain a recognizable style in all of my images
  • - TIPS AND TECHNIQUES FOR SHOOTING IN DIRECT, BACKLIT AND INDIRECT LIGHTING SCENARIOS so that no matter where your sessions take you, you can always be confident that you can handle any lighting situation
  • - ACCESS TO THE KJ "LIGHT WRAPPING" TECHNIQUE that will allow you to finally capture the glow you've always wanted and avoid the haze that drives you crazy
  • - ADD "BODY BLOCKING" TO YOUR TOOLKIT for working with hard locations and harsh light
  • - FOREVER ACCESS TO THE "LIGHTING AND LOCATION" DIGITAL WORKBOOK that accompanies the course and gives you a quick glance at my tips and techniques
  • - ACCESS TO THE "BACKLIT CHECKLIST" AND THE "FRAMING CHECKLIST" that will ensure that you are applying all of your new knowledge during each shoot 
  • -ADVANCED PHOTOGRAPHERS, if you're ready for it, there's a section for you that takes framing and foregrounds to an entirely new level! 
  • - NOVICE PHOTOGRAPHERS you're going to benefit from access to a full explanation of how I shoot 100% manually, what equipment I use, and what camera settings I prefer 
  • -BONUS: OFF CAMERA FLASH MINI-COURSE so you can learn first hand how I make flash images look just like my natural light images
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