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Need help? Contact Support: katelyn@katelynjames.com
Need help? Contact Support: katelyn@katelynjames.com
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A look into each module:
The Art of a Personal Brand : 
Building an Unstoppable Brand Around You
- How to Build a Brand that No One Can Compete With
- The Personal and Professional Balance of an Effective Brand
- The Foundational Steps that Build Relational Equity in a Brand
- How to Create Your Own Engaging Content for Your Personal Brand
Community Marketing : 
Making More Money While Creating an Even Deeper Impact
- The Secrets to Creating a Loyal & Committed Tribe 
- How to Increase Your Value & Purpose Simultaneously
- Say Goodbye to Bridal Shows, Burnout & Bad Marketing Attempts
- Establishing & Growing Your Three Vital Points of Connection
Blogging + Your Personal Brand : 
Free Advertising, Brand Anchoring & Client Experience all in One!
- Why Blogging Produces Loyal Clients & How to Get Started
- How to Win your Clients Over Through Writing
- Katelyn’s Blog Writing Template & Workflow
- Using Blogging to Build your Tribe & Transform your Editing Workflow
Realistic Social Media Management :
Techniques, Tools & Systems to Showcasing Yourself on Social Media
- Breaking through the Barriers of Personal Sharing
- Stop Wasting Time on Instagram & Facebook (& Start Making Money)
- Create a Realistic Social Media Plan that is actually Attainable & Not Overwhelming
- Utilizing Standard Instagram Posting & Instastories in your Business
The Complete KJ Bride Experience + Outsourcing Bonus : 
From Inquiry to End-of-the-Experience Events
- My Streamlined System of Client Surprises
- Access to Our "Initial Inquiry" Email Template that Prevents Ghosting 
- Access to All of the 10 Phases of the KJ Bride Experience
- Find out how much of your work you need to give away! 
Foundations of Business + Finance : 
Setting Up Your Business for Legal & Financial Peace
-  How We Save, Spend and Make Our Business Financially Secure
- How to Get Started & Maintain a Legally Official Business (Usable Lawyer-created Contract Included! $300+ value))
- Insurance Options, 3 Types of Taxes You Need to Pay, & The Truth About Debt  
- Our Financial Monthly Checklist
Technical Branding + Specialization : 
Technical Design Education For Your Visual Brand & Website
- Design Education to Help Enhance Both Young and Experienced Brands
- Worksheet: Find Clarity Instead of Confusion When Defining Your Ideal Client
- "Must Have Branding Elements" and "Hot Mess" Checklists
- Website Critiques: Learn From Real Life Examples From Fellow Students
Office Organization + Systems : 
Building Processes That Produce Growth & Reduce Stress
-  Fixing the Battle Between “Maintaining vs Growing” Tasks
- Post-Processing & Booking Workflows + Software We Can’t Live Without
- Learn My Systems for TEN Different Aspects of My Office Life
- Find Your Individual Productivity Style and Your Bottlenecks in Your Business 
Healthy + Effective Networking : 
Building a Reputation That Builds Your Business
- The Do’s and Don't’s of Vendor Networking
- The Power of Bursting Out of Your Bubble : Genuine Friendships Lead to Trustworthy Referrals
- How to Build Your Reputation IN-PERSON, PRE & POST-EVENT & BEYOND THE EVENT
- Booking through Planners, Venues, Vendors & Past Clients
Simplified Pricing : 
Taking The Guesswork Out of What to Charge 
-  Determining Your Income Goal & If You Have a Technical Pricing Issue or a Confidence Issue!
- Determining What You’re Worth & Why
- 4 Dimensions of Value vs. THE DEAD ZONE
- Our Simplified Pricing System for Weddings, Destination Work, and Family & Friends
Portfolio Selection + Blog Styling :  
Protecting How You Are Perceived
-  Curation Training: What to Keep, What to Trash, & What Will Elevate Your Brand 
- Portfolio Critiques: What is Working, What Isn’t & Why
- Styling Checklist : Creating Your Portfolio with Intention: Order, Flow, Feel & Design 
-Creating Cohesiveness : Matching Your Portfolio to Your Overall Brand & Where You’re Headed
Protecting Your Passion + Your Purpose : 
Discovering How Your Passion Can Fulfill Your Purpose in Business (recorded live)
-Where You Are, Where You're Growing + Where You're Going
-The Best is Yet to Come... Or So We Think
-Marriage, Business + Mindsets: A Live Coaching Call
-Protecting Your Passion + Your Purpose
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