Are there parts of the Wedding Day you struggle to capture? 
You're not alone... and you can improve before you're next shoot!
After 10 Years of photographing over 250 weddings, we have collected dozens and dozens of tips, hacks, and advice that has transformed the way we shoot and has dramatically enhanced our image quality!  We realized that if we shared these tips and tricks with other photographers, it would literally save them YEARS of frustration in their problem areas! So, we created Mini-Guides! KJ Mini-Guides are 6-12 page PDF's full of educational information on specific topics that every wedding photographer needs to master!!! 
KJ Mini-Guides are $12.99 each but if you're interested  in ALL 12 of them, this bundle can be yours for just $99!! That means you're basically getting 4 mini-guides for FREE! This is a $155.88 VALUE for only $99! 

How to Shoot Bridal Party Portraits in 15 mins!
How to Easily Capture the DRESS!
Our Secret "Posing Evolution" System!
How to Execute a First Look!
How to Create Glowy Foregrounds in your Portraits!
How to find the BEST Light in the Shade!
How to get started with Off-Camera Flash!
All of the best Advice about Shooting Details!
How to Photograph Portraits in Harsh Light!
My Secret to SHARP and BRIGHT Ring Shots!
How we Photograph our Ceremonies!
How to Photograph Couples with Height Differences!
What They're Saying....

"GAME CHANGER! These guides are AMAZING!! Especially the Posing Evolution, it has given me more confidence in directing my shoots!"


"WOW! This is exactly what I needed! I love how all this helpful information is condensed down into a manageable mini-guide! SUPER HELPFUL!"


"Whenever I've tried to create foregrounds I end up spending too much time trying to get the right setup.. this guide has COMPLETELY changed my approach and I'm forever grateful for it!"


"This handy dandy guide has helped me so many times since I downloaded in on my iphone! I love the examples that give lots of help finding the right light, even when it's dappled!"


"I've always struggled with my ring shots to really get crisp, in focus images that pop! This guide has been incredibly helpful for me in developing my ring shots!"


"Harsh light is most photographer's kryptonite, but this guide has several really strong tips for portraits in harsh light both on the wedding day and when editing the photos!!"


"This mini-guide is such a helpful tool for approaching difficult couple situations when posing!"


"I always OVERLY stress-out about dress shots.. almost more than anything else on the wedding day! This guide has helped SO MUCH with that!"

Total Value of the KJ Mini-Guide Bundle $155.88

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