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In this bundle you will get: The Posing Evolution, Creating Foregrounds, Mastering Ring Shots, Shooting in Harsh Light, Photographing The Tall and The Tiny, Shooting in Shade, Shooting the Dress, Shooting Details, How to Photograph the Ceremony, Off-Camera Flash Basics, How to Execute a First Look, and 15 Minute Bridal Party Portraits!
The Posing Evolution Mini-Guide explains our approach to posing in a nutshell! Like most wedding photographers, we don’t have all day to capture portraits! We have to accomplish a ton of images with a lot of variety in a very short amount of time! The Posing Evolution allows us to do that at each and EVERY wedding! 

In this Mini-Guide you’ll learn:
– Our Four CORE Poses
– The Three P’s of Posing
– How to add variety to every shoot
– How to shoot multiple portrait options in minutes!

If you’re a wedding photographer, you can’t escape the ring shot! Some photographers love photographing rings and some despise it! I'm sharing all that I know about what goes into creating a gorgeous ring portrait! 

In this Mini-Guide you’ll learn:
– How to Focus and Create Sharp Ring Shots with Any Kind of Ring
– How to Arrange and Setup Your Ring Shots in Unique ways
– How to set Exposure Properly for Ring Shots and Avoid Glare.

One of our most commonly asked questions is “How do you still maintain your style while shooting in harsh lighting?!”. This Mini-Guide is for anyone who struggles with finding great lighting in the early afternoon! There are some solutions to this common struggle, and I’m excited to share them with you! 

In this Mini-Guide you’ll learn : 
– How to Find Natural Reflectors
– Which Angles are Best for Minimizing 
– How to Shoot Portraits in the 
Middle of the Day
– How to Create Even Lighting on the front of your Subjects in the middle of the day
I love this Mini-Guide, because if you have a copy on your phone on a wedding day, you’ll never miss a detail shot! In this Mini-Guide, I list out all of the key details that we attempt to capture at every single wedding. I also explain how I shoot Bridal Details with “Connection Elements” to ensure beautiful and cohesive album designs after the wedding! 

In this Mini-Guide you’ll learn:
– How to Find Connection Elements
– How to Create Non-Distracting 
– How to Shoot with the Album in Mind

Despite what many photographers think, you can shoot with backlighting, in shade and in direct sunlight without flash, and STILL maintain the same style!! This guide focuses on shooting in SHADE and how I maintain my consistent coloring despite the change of lighting. 
In this Mini-Guide you’ll learn:
– The Difference between Good 
and Bad Shade
– How to Avoid Color Casts on Skin
– How to Determine if you 
Need Shade or Not

I know the “dress shot” seems like it should be easy, but it’s not. There are so many contributing factors that lead to producing a gorgeous dress shot.  It has taken me nearly a decade to confidently master the dress shot no matter the circumstances!

In this Mini-Guide You’ll Learn: 
– Three Rules of Thumb for 
all Dress Shots
– How to Pick Locations for
 the Dress Shot
– 10 Tips and Tricks for Shooting 
Amazing Dress Shots

This mini-guide is perfect for anyone in their first few years in business! I HIGHLY recommend it for beginners who are in their first wedding season or hope to be soon! 

In this mini-guide you’ll learn:
– What Lenses we use for Photographing Ceremonies
– A Must-Have Pre-Ceremony, Ceremony, & Post-Ceremony Shot List
– A Breakdown of how we shoot each part of the ceremony, from Processional to Recessional

Once you convince your clients that a First Look is the best decision they can make for their wedding day photography, you have to deliver! You have to know what you’re doing in order to make their First Look experience a success. 

In this mini-guide you’ll learn:
– How to Find Locations
– How to Prep the Bride and Groom before the First Look
– How to Shoot the First Look as a Main & Second Shooter
– Two Ways to Setup your Bride & Groom for the First Look
If you know anything about me, you know that I LOVE Photographing in Natural Light! So, this Off-Camera Flash Basics was a big step for me. If I could have changed ONE thing about my business in the past, it would have been that I would have learned how to use OCF earlier! 
In this mini-Guide you'll learn:
– How to Develop your Own OCF Technique
– Why Your Placement Matters
– Why and How to use Ratios
– What Equipment You’ll need to start with OCF

There have been some wedding days where we have had to shoot all of the Bridal Party portraits in 15 minutes, and we made it happen! All you need, to take 15 minute Bridal Party Portraits, is a system and some confidence! 

In this mini-guide you’ll learn:
– How to Gently Command Authority with your Bridal Parties
– Our Posing System for Full Group Shots
– Our Posing System for Bridesmaids
– Our Posing System for Groomsmen
– Our Roles during Bridal Party Portraits as a Main and Second Shooter

This Mini-Guide explains our approach to photographing couples who have a large height difference! This is something that EVERY photographer will have to deal with at some point during their career. There are so many little tips and tricks to make your couple feel comfortable and natural despite their differing heights!
In this Mini-Guide you’ll learn :
– How to use Certain Poses to Distract from the Height Issue
– How to Make Your Clients Feel Comfortable Despite that Height Difference
– How to Make Any Couple feel natural despite the Height Difference
As I have grown as a photographer, I have found that there are certain tricks you can try while shooting that will make your work look more advanced, artistic and well composed! One of those tricks has to do with creating foregrounds! 

 In this mini-guide you’ll learn :
– Steps to Creating 
Foregrounds in Your Work
– What Equipment is 
Best for Shooting Foregrounds
– How to Frame your 
Subject with the Foreground

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